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June 2017

Welcome to our new summer students Michelle Marcus and Robin Oh!

April 2017

Congratulations to Dzana for winning the prestigious Medicine by Design Post-Doctoral Fellowship award 2017 !  Well done Dzana!

February 2017

Welcome to our new Post-Doctoral Fellow Dr. Brittany B. Carson, who is joining us from Sweden!

January 2017

New year and new goals! Happy New Year 2017

Welcome to our new graduate students Krista Schleicher and Ahmad Malik!

October 2016

Welcome to our new Post-Docotral Fellow Dr. Sebastien Martinez, who is joining us from France!

September 2016

Congrats to Sam for winning the CBCF Post-Doctoral Fellowship Award 2016!

Welcome to Department of Molecular Genetics Graduate students (Rotation) Boyang Qiu, Mengyi Song, Juli Wang, Krista Schleicher and Ahmad! 

August 2016

Thanks to summer research students Lynnea, Lily and Theodora for spending their summer 2016 in our lab! It was fun having both of them! Schramek lab wishes them all the best in their future endeavours!

Congrats to Lu for winning the Paul Starita and Norman Stuart Robertson scholarships!

Congrats to Alaa and Connor for winning the Ontario Student Opportunity Trust Fund Award 2016!

July 2016

We are delighted to welcome a fantastic international exchange student Lily (YuTing Lu), from the Honours College and Faculty of Medicine of Zhejiang University, China!

June 2016

Welcome to Felix, the second lab baby. Nora and Daniel are proud parents of this bundle of joy!

Welcome to Lynnea, (a second year M.D. student from Northern Ontario School of Medicine) who is going to work as a summer research student in the lab!

Welcome to Teodora (sciHigh high school outreach programme student)!

May 2016

Congrats to Ellen for winning the CIHR Master's fellowship!

Congrats to Lu for winning the Ontario Graduate Scholarship - Doctoral!

April 2016

Congrats to Dzana for winning the TD Post-Doctoral Fellowship!

December 2015

Welcome to Dheeran, the first lab baby! Jaya and Sampath are proud parents of this bundle of joy!