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Career Opportunities in the Schramek Lab

The Schramek lab is always interested in highly motivated and creative people with a strong background in molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry, or computational biology. We strive to create a generous, collaborative, and supportive environment for research. The Schramek Lab is dedicated in identifying novel cancer vulnerabilities and new molecular targets for therapeutics. 

MSc/PhD Position(s) Available:

If you are interested to pursue a MSc/PhD project in the lab, please first apply to the UofT Molecular Genetics Graduate Program: 

                                           Apply to Molecular Genetics Graduate Program

PostDoc Position(s) Available:

Postdoc position available! We are looking for a highly motivated person to join our team. The postdoc will work on one of the major topics of the lab invovling functional genomics, cancer biology and in vivo CRISPR screening.

We also encourage the candidates to suggest their own research directions or ideas. Please send you CV and contact details of three references to schramek@lunenfeld.ca.

Technician Position(s) Available:

We are currently looking for a highly motivated junior level laboratory animal research technician  to help with routine lab operation and to aid research scientists in conducting in vitro and in vivo Cancer Biology and Immunology experiments. Duties will require working with human blood and primary tissues, mouse handling and injections, and the use of radioisotopes.

General qualifications:

• Duties will require working with human primary tissues and cells, mouse handling and injections, as well as mouse surgeries.

• Must be reliable, organized, and flexible with ability to handle multiple activities and to reprioritize tasks.

• Understand lab etiquette and participation in general laboratory responsibilities (ordering and organizing laboratory supplies and reagents).

• Be able to work with other team members and collaborators as well as complete independent work.

• Be able to work closely with supervisor and staff scientists to analyze data and interpret results of experiments within the context of research project goals.

• Candidate must have Bachelor's degree with academia or industry experience is strongly preferred. Coursework in related fields (such as Molecular Biology) a plus.

Optimal skill set includes:

• Experience in the proper handling and care of mice including IP and SC injections, colony managment, small animal surgical techniques, blood and tissue sample collections, euthanasia.

• Experience performing cell culture and sterile technique and in cell-based assays including priamry mouse and human cell culture and with use of various molecular biology techniques.

• Staining human and mouse cells and tissue sections with fluorescence labeled antibodies and performing flow cytometry, ELISA, ELISpot, and other cell or secretion based assays.

• Experience with molecular biological techniques, including DNA and RNA isolation, PCR, and quantitative PCR desirable.

• Experience in analyzing biological data using GraphPad Prism, Excel. FlowJo, SoftMax Pro, desirable.

• Protocol and literature searches. Data analysis and recording of results and patient data electronically and in a lab notebook.

Last updated June 2016